Citizens of the EU member states may travel to Croatia without a visa. For other countries, the entry formalities may vary. The details are available at the Web address:

Health Insurance
European Health Insurance Card is valid in Croatia.

General travel information
Zagreb is well connected to many destinations. It should be noted that the connectivity is far better during the tourist season (June 1 – October 31).

Travelling by car
Lužnica is 20 km from Zagreb and 4 km from the Zagreb-Ljubljana (or Graz-Maribor-Zagreb) highway. From Zaprešić there is a road to Lužnica (the Zaprešić-Brdoves road), and near the willage of Šibice there is a brown signboard pointing to the convention center in Lužnica (

Travelling by airplane
Zagreb Airport - Detailed information about airlines and destinations connected to Zagreb could be find at:
The best way to travel from Zagreb Airport to Lužnica is by taxi (35 km or 45 minutes). Other alternatives (available upon request) exist, but are much slower.

Travelling by train
Zagreb Central Train Station - Direct Lines:

Zagreb – Belgrade
Zagreb – Bratislava
Zagreb – Budapest
Zagreb – Gratz
Zagreb – Ljubljana
Zagreb – Milano
Zagreb – Munich
Zagreb – Prag
Zagreb – Salzburg
Zagreb – Trieste
Zagreb – Venice
Zagreb – Vienna

The best way to travel from Zagreb Central Train Station to Lužnica is by taxi. However, it is possible to take train from Zagreb Central Train Station to Zaprešić (3 Euros, every 45 minutes, approximate time travel 30 minutes), and then with taxi to Lužnica (only a few minutes).

Travelling by bus
Zagreb Central Bus Station
The best way to travel from Zagreb Central Bus Station to Lužnica is by taxi.