Urbino is not on the railway network and from abroad it is usually reached in three stages: by air, by train and by bus.

By air: the closest Airports are Bologna, Firenze, Pisa, Venezia and Ancona (Bologna is the airport with more connections with central and northern Europe).

By train: from the airport one has to go to the city’s train station and here take a train to Pesaro on the Adriatic coast.

By bus: the bus station is just outside Pesaro’s train station. There usually are two buses (46 and 46R) every hour to Urbino. Bus 46 is a slightly slower service (€ 3.40) and 46R (€ 3.70) a slightly faster one (R stands for corsa Rapida) that reaches Urbino in approximately 45 min. Both leave from Gate (Stallo) GH.

Tickets can be bought at the bus station office (biglietteria) or at the bars and kiosks between the bus station and the train station. You can also buy them on the bus but will need the correct change for that.

In Urbino, the buses have recently started operating from the new bus station Santa Lucia that is literally below the historical square of Porta Santa Lucia. When you arrive at the bus station, please go inside the station building and take TWO elevators to Porta Santa Lucia (Urbino is on the top of a hill and the buses arrive at the bottom of it). The elevators are continuously operating and are free of charge.