Information about Jena can also be found in this PDF:

Jena has no own airport, but is connected to the ICE and local train network of the Deutsche Bahn (DB).

The most convenient airports, with respect to connecting trains to Jena are Frankfurt, Berlin and Leipzig.

Using the fastest connections the approx. travel times from the airports to Jena are:

•     Frankfurt: 3h20min (transfers to another train: 1x)

•     Berlin (Tegel or Schönefeld): 3h  (transfers to another train: 1x)

•     Leipzig:  ca. 1h30min – 2h (transfers to another train: 1x)

•     Nuremberg:  3h (transfers to another train: 1x)

•     Munich: 4h30min  (transfers to another train: 1x)

Train tickets can be bought directly at the website of the Deutsche Bahn in advance or at any train station.

Two kinds of tickets are available (beside 1st and 2nd class):

•     Saving fare: cheaper, but limited number available and you have to use the train you booked the ticket      for! If you miss the booked train (e.g. because of a delayed flight) you have to buy a new ticket.

•      Standard fare: Usual price, your ticket is valid on any train of the same or lower category on the     direction you booked. E.g. if you bought an IC ticket from Frankfurt via Erfurt to Jena you can     take any IC or local train (slow)  going this direction, but you cannot use the ICE without extra      charge.

You should only take saving fare if you are really sure you will get the planned train!

If you arrive by plane from abroad we strongly advise to book the standard fare.