Call for Papers

The Seventh International Conference in Code Biology will take place in Lužnica  (Croatia)  2 – 6 June 2020 under the auspices of the International Society of Code Biology and of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry.
The Conference will host individual talks, poster sessions, a roundtable discussion and the Annual General Assembly of the Code Biology Society.

People who wish to deliver a talk are invited to email an Abstract of between 250 - 500 words to

Abstracts should be one-page files written in formats such as .doc or .rtf (no PDF please).
The deadline for Abstract submission is 15 January 2020.
Earlier submission is highly recommended.

More details are available in the Conference homepage

For any question, please contact the local organizers:
Nikola Štambuk
Paško Konjevoda
Petra Turčić

We are looking forward to receiving your Abstract and to seeing you in Lužnica!


Nikola Štambuk, Paško Konjevoda and Petra Turčić

Local Conference Organizers

The Scientific and Technical Committee of the Conference is formed by the following members:

Elena Fimmel (Mannheim, Germany), Lutz Strüngmann (Mannheim, Germany), Marcello Barbieri (Ferrara, Italy), Nikola Štambuk (Zagreb, Croatia), Paško Konjevoda (Zagreb, Croatia), Petra Turčić (Zagreb, Croatia), Gorana Aralica (Zagreb, Croatia)